Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"After 10 years, Richard Rothstein is getting out of the Oriental Rug business. All rugs 50% off."

Hi, Richard here. Hope you're having a great fall. I wanted to let you know that because of the skyrocketing costs of production, I am getting out of the new Oriental rug business to focus strictly on antique rugs, hooked rugs, mirrors, lighting, and needlework

Accordingly, I am selling all my remaining stock at 50% off.

And unlike some unscrupulous rug dealers, I am not raising my prices in anticipation of discounting them in a sale. In fact, the prices for my rugs have been the same for years and have always been sold by the square foot... new Caucasians $100/sf, new Persians $120/sf.

At 50% off, that means the prices are $50 and $60/sf respectively. As always, these are my rugs, made by my weavers; they are exclusive to my company and are not available in rug stores...these are the same rugs that I sell worldwide to collectors, rug scholars, and museums.

Please note: the prices online reflect the ORIGINAL prices of $100 and $120/sf -- the sale price would be 50% less the price shown. Because the rugs are 50% off, these are final sale prices.

Shipping is FREE and orders can be placed by phone or email.

You can see all the remaining inventory here. Again, the price online does NOT reflect the 50% discount.

As an example, this STAR KAZAK would be only $1700.
This gorgeous HERIZ would be only $5920...
And you can see it discussed on video here...

You can also see a video I shot myself in the Caucasus showing how the rugs are made... it's one of the most popular Oriental Rug Videos on YouTube...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Inaugural Oriental Rug Festival is a big hit

 Inaugural festival is a big hit THE owner of Long Melford’s Persian Carpet Studio has hailed her first rug festival a huge success.
Sara Barber held the festival to mark the 20th anniversary of her business.
To mark the occasion, she put up nomadic tents in the studio in Hall Street to represent the tribes who make the rugs and carpets she sells.
“We have had a lot of interest – people have been fascinated,” she said.
“They realise every one is unique and a work of art and that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go with the curtains.”
The festival included workshops on rug restoration and guest speakers, including rug maker Richard Mathias.
School children were also invited to design a rug and the winning design will be handmade in Nepal.